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Dhaka Run Lords !

Welcome to the official webpage of the Dhaka Run Lords (DRL), the organizers of Dhaka Half Marathon, the signature running event of Bangladesh.

The Dhaka Run Lords serves an audience of over 75,000 people annually, including local runners of all ages and abilities through the Dhaka Half Marathon race, community open runs, walks, upcoming training sessions, other running related fitness programs and events nationally.

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Running Camp

Dhaka Run Lords presents Glaxose-D Dhaka Half Marathon 2020 Running Camp Sessions Powered by SPRINT Active.The DHM2020 Running Camps are a first of a kind running camps in Bangladesh, where runners gest to come meet the Pacers of the DHM2020 and get personal coaching sessions.


The Dhaka Half Marathon 2020 is presented by Dhaka Run Lords, an organization with a mission to inspire people through running. The Glaxose-D Dhaka Half Marathon, the third edition of the event, will be held on 28 February 2020.


Dhaka Run Lords Merchandise Store is Opening on April 2020
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Our showcase of emotions, dedication, hard work, struggles and stories of aspirations of 1000s of people we have touched through our events.
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Apply now to become an elite member of the Dhaka Run Lords. A limited membership quota of 50 people available each year.
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Here you can find all about our current activities and the fresh stuff about the Dhaka Run Lords and the Dhaka Half Marathon.

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